Content Marketing eBooks: The Ultimate List

With more and more marketers increasing their spend on content marketing, (75 percent this year!) it’s clear that content is making its way to the top of the priority list for many organizations. If you’re working on building up your content framework, you already know that content marketing eBooks are an excellent way to give your readers a deeper look into any topic. (Creating your first eBook? Check out the Content Marketing Pyramid to see how you can get the most mileage out of large pieces of content.)

We have provided you with a list of eBooks that take a closer look at various content marketing topics. These top-notch eBooks will help your organization create, maintain and improve your content strategy. Don’t know where to start with creating infographics? There’s an eBook for that!content marketing eBook graphic

Know of any other great content marketing eBooks that have helped your company succeed? Let us know in the comments below.


  • The 4 Steps to Content Marketing Enlightenmentby Curata
    Even with over 70 percent of marketers increasing their content spend this year, few will find success in overcoming content shock. This eBook provides best-in-class tactics and advice on how to become an enlightened content marketer.
Arnie Kuen,
CEO Vertical Measures, @ArnieK
I am thrilled to see a new book from my friend Marcus Sheridan coming out this January. Marcus and I have presented to thousands of people all around the world with the core theme of creating content that answers your prospects’ or clients’ questions. Research shows that when we go to buy something (B2B or B2C) we turn to a search engine 93% of the time. What do we do? We start asking questions. His new books is called “They Ask, You Answer,” and it will be a must have book for those of you rolling out content marketing at your organization.
CM Strategist, Speaker, Author, @PamDidner
[I suggest]A practical guide to killer marketing content from HubSpot. A very simple and easy-to-follow process with tips from knowing your audience to creating your editorial. It’s a nice way to get started.  However, you need to test what formats of content will work for your verticals, since every vertical’s customer journeys are different.
  • Interactive Content Across the Buyer’s Journey by Ion Interactive
    This eBook drills down into how to use interactive content. It addresses how interactive content can help you create better-educated prospects. It gives an overview of types of interactive content, their uses and statistics supporting the effectiveness of interactive content.
  • Inspiring Customer’s to Create Content for You: A Marketer’s Guide by Influitive
    Learn how to engage customers to create content for you. This eBook will help you save time and resources by getting customers to create content, increase the reach of their content through their customer’s social networks and inspire customers to create valuable UGC on third-party websites.
Chief Content Officer at MarketingProfs, @MarketingProfs
This Big, Fat B2B Content Marketing Checklist  from Velocity UK (shoutout to Doug Kessler!) is like 3,000 years old in Content Marketing Years (because each Content Marketing Year is like 825 years in the Gregorian calendar).  But it’s nonetheless relevant and ridiculously useful today, and it’s timeless in the way that most classics are.
Creative Director & Co-founder of Velocity, @dougkessler
I’m going to have to be a shameless self-promoting click-slut here: I think every content marketer should have a strategy, so I’m recommending Velocity’s own Big Fat Content Marketing Strategy Checklist. It’s a simple, step-by-step guide that’s been used thousands of times by marketers who need to whip up a quick plan. (What? We’re proud of it! Sue me.)

CARLA JOHNSON Author of Experiences 7th Era of Marketing, Type A Communications, @CarlaJohnson

Every B2B marketer should read Account Based Marketing: Fundamentals Every B2B Marketer Must Know from Demandbase. This eBook covers why it’s getting harder to engage customers during the increasingly complex B2B buying process, and forces you to be honest about why you’re not already making progress. They drive the point home that this isn’t just marketing, or even sales, struggle. This is something that impacts the overall performance of the business. With a checklist and examples, it gives specific things that readers can learn and do right away.

Keynote Speaker & Author on Sales, Marketing, and Digital Business, @TheSalesLion
I’d recommend “Content Marketing Works“– the company that produced it is an incredible agency with a tremendous amount of successful case studies of businesses that have dramatically increased their digital sales and marketing ROI by following the 8 steps in the book. If a company wants a step-by-step guide to content marketing success, then this is absolutely the place to start.
  • Digital Relevance by Ardath Albee
    Digital Relevance teaches readers the knowledge, strategies, and skills needed to create content, instantly engage customers, and compel them to take action by sharing ideas so seamlessly matched to each audience’s context that they can’t help but take next steps toward purchase.
  • A Content Marketing Strategy that Worksby Copyblogger
    Authority can make or break a content strategy. Find out how to attain thought leadership and provide the highest quality content for your readers with this guide.
CEO & B2B Marketing Strategist, @ardath421
Here’s my pick: Easy as Pie Guide to Content Planning – from Top Rank Marketing and DivvyHQ.The Easy as Pie Guide to Content Planning contains the components I find compelling in an educational ebook. It establishes the problem faced by its intended audience. It gives examples of what not to do. Then it shows you what to do with examples of how to do it. The ebook also includes insights from a few experts on each subject discussed for content planning. And the metaphor chosen is used well (recipes and cooking) with great visuals and white space to reduce the effort to read it. This is a recipe for a successful ebook that delivers on its promise.
  • 51 Things Your Mother Taught You About Inbound Marketingby Chad Pollitt of Digital Relevance
    How does Content Marketing fit into your overall marketing strategy? Find out in this eBook which dives deep into social media marketing, marketing automation, SEO and more.
  • Everything You Need to Build a Video Marketing Strategy by Vidyard
    This video marketing strategy eBook gives a thorough breakdown of why video marketing is integral to your marketing strategy today. Topics covered include: types of videos you’ll want to produce throughout the funnel (and their strategic purpose), what a typical video marketing budget looks like (for in-house or outsourced assets), goals, strategy, analytics and more.


  • Grow your Traffic, Build your Blogby The Daily Post (WordPress)
    Struggling to build an audience? This guide provides advice and steps to make your content more visible, get more shares and analyze the effectiveness of posts.
  • An Introduction to Business Bloggingby HubSpot
    If you’re a blogging novice this is a great asset for you. Find out how to pick your topic, find content to blog about, optimize posts, promote content and measure its effectiveness in this eBook.
CEO at TopRank Marketing, @LeeOdden
I’d have to recommend: Everybody Writes (Ann Handley) Quality, not quantity is what drives great customer experiences and marketing performance with content. In her own smart and clever way, Ann takes readers on a journey to become the kind of content creator that makes people will actually care about. Everybody Writes is a go-to guide for creating effective content whether you’re a big business or small, experienced writer or a newbie. I can’t recommend it enough.
  • 52 Headline Hacksby Jon Morrow of Boost Blog Traffic
    Anyone can write a blog, but what makes one more popular than another? Headlines, for one thing, have a huge impact on whether or not a reader will pay attention to what you’ve written. Check out this eBook for advice on creating viral content.
  • Who’s Thereby Seth Godin
    Not in love with the idea of blogging or maybe just don’t see the value? This eBook aims to convince you otherwise. Check it out to find out how a blog can be a great asset for you and your business.
  • What Every Blogger Needs to Know: 101 Actionable Tipsby Heidi Cohen
    Whether you’re new to blogging or not, this eBook is sure to have some new and inspiring tips and tactics you can put into action right away. Check it out if you want to give your blog a leg up.
CEO Arment Dietrich. Author of Spin Sucks, @ginidietrich
I recommend “On Writing” by Stephen King. This was the first content marketing book written to help all of us become better writers. Though it’s written by a fiction author (and a great one at that), the things you glean from it will help your business storytelling at a deeper level. It’s so good, I’m having the communications firm side of my business read it for our January book club. Read it, mark it up, practice it, and read it again.
  • Making Your Case by Jonathan Kranz of Kranz Communications
    Want to write a compelling case study? This guide tells you how to highlight your successes and generate leads.
  • Business Blogging Secrets Revealed by Curata
    Dive deep into the tactics of 425+ best-in-class business bloggers to see how they plan, execute and promote their blog posts.


Actionable Marketer, Professor, Speaker, @heidicohen

As a content marketing eBook creator, contributor and consumer, I believe it’s crucial to evaluate the following eBook elements:

  • Author/Source: Who wrote the book? What makes them an authority on the specific topic discussed? Who’s sponsoring the book?
  • Reader value: Is this information worth my attention? Is the content worth an information exchange?
  • Content: Does the ebook provided offer information that’s not readily available elsewhere? Or is it just promotional content parading as an ebook.
  • Presentation: Is the content optimized to be reader-friendly? Can the reader consume it when, where and on the device or app of their choice?

While I’m a huge fan of LinkedIn’s Sophisticated Marketer series of ebooks (especially The Sophisticated Marketer’s Guide to Content Marketing) and most of Rebecca Lieb’s research (especially Contently’s Content Methodology) writes, the ebook that blew me away was Aaron Orendorff’s “50 Best Social Media Tools From 50 Most Influential Marketers Online.”

It’s not an ebook in the conventional sense. It’s not a PDF or Slideshare. It’s not gated. It’s hiding in plain site on Content Marketing Institute’s blog. BUT it leaves even top quality content in the dust. Here’s why:

  • It’s easy-to-consume information complete with visuals (Hat tip: Vennage) and links to every tool, not just pushing a company agenda in return for reader data.
  • It’s quality content that shows readers how the experts use their tools. Every reader learns something from this content (I’m using it to expand my social media toolkit!) It’s no surprise that it’s a hot piece of content.
  • It’s inclusive. It’s not just the same influencers you see on every list. Further, it surfaces lesser-known social media tools.
GCM Strategist, Speaker, Author, @PamDidner
Rethinking the B2B Buyer’s Journey from Linkedin Marketing Solutions. I really like the chart on page 17. It shows the top 3 preferred content channels by buyers in each stage of the funnel. You can see how the importance of online search and social usage changes over the purchasing stage.  It also compares the types of effective sales content among buyers, sales, and marketing. Although the information is not a complete surprise, it’s a great reminder to take into account the buyers’ journey when you create content.



Intermediate and Advanced

  • How to Feed the Content Beastby Curata
    As a content marketer, you know that having, fresh, relevant content is the key to your success.  But GOOD content takes time. In this ebook, you’ll learn how to balance and blend the two halves of content marketing —creation and curation.
  • Stop Egocentric Marketingby Curata
    Readers want information on a variety of topics from diverse sources, but most marketers publish information in their voice only. This eBook provides insight on how to stop egocentric marketing and publish higher value for readers.
  • The Ultimate Guide to Content Curation  by Curata
    This 80+ page guide, featuring over 30 marketing experts, will teach you how to create and analyze a content curation program.


  • The Definite Guide to Marketing Metrics and Marketing Analyticsby Marketo
    This guide gives step-by-step information on how to measure the marketing metrics that matter using examples of Marketo’s own strategy. Check it out if you need help understanding which metrics to look at and how to interpret them.
  • The Marketing Landscape: Where Data and Content Merge by DiscoverOrg
    This eBook includes information on the importance of market intelligence data, optimized content creation process and using account-based data. Use this eBook to get a clear idea of why intelligent data is valuable and important to content marketing.
  • Social Media Analytics – Making Customer Insights Actionableby IBM
    This report aims to help readers interpret social data so they can improve their strategies through consumer insights. Need help understanding consumer trends and your social impact? Give this one a read.
  • How to Measure and Fix your “Leaky” Marketing Funnelby KISSmetrics
    Stuck on the marketing funnel? The best way to start improving your funnel is to measure it – then make the necessary adjustments. Download this eBook for advice on where to start.
  • Customer Analytics by KISSmetrics
    People are the key to discovering what is going to improve your business. Find out how to cut through the noise surrounding your data and discover actionable insights about customers in this eBook.
  • A Field Guide to the 4 types of Content Marketing Metrics by Jay Baer of Convince and Convert
    This eBook outlines 4 key categories of metrics that marketers can use to measure the success of their content.
  • The Comprehensive Guide to Content Marketing Analytics & Metrics by Curata
    This eBook offers a comprehensive guide to the metrics that will help ensure your content marketing initiatives are effective and driving key business outcomes. As part of the journey, hear from over 20 of today’s top marketing experts on what they believe to be the most important content marketing metric.
  • The ROI of Great Content by Acrolinx
    This guide promises to teach you how to double the impact of your content strategy. Acrolinx conducted a global survey to address the impact of quality on content marketing. This guide looks at how quality content impacts all aspects of marketing from brand to search traffic and beyond.


Strategist at Convince and Convert, @annabananahrach
Micro-Moments: Your Guide to Winning the Shift to MobileYou can never go wrong with anything Google publishes, but this guide is absolutely amazing. It really shows just how much mobile devices have changed our lives and shaped the types of interactions consumers want and need from brands. Any marketer who wants to deliver truly helpful, meaningful and relevant content should read this guide today.


  • Content Marketing Done Rightby Curata
    Curated content means increased value for readers, improved thought leadership and consistent, relevant content. If not done ethically it could do your business harm. Find out how to curate ethically in this eBook.


  • An Introduction to Email Marketing by HubSpot
    Great for beginners to create an email marketing foundation. This eBook includes the best practices for email as a roadmap to your email marketing success. This eBook covers top challenges email marketers face and how to solve them
  • The Ultimate Guide to Email Marketing by Zapier
    The eBook includes tips on the apps you should use to send every type of business email, along with ways you can integrate your email apps with other tools you’re already using, guidelines to make your emails great, and more.
  • The Smart Guide to Email Marketing Conversion by Unbounce
    This eBook guides marketers on how they can amp up their email campaigns with targeted landing pages to increase conversions, grow subscriber lists and improve effectiveness.


  • The Beginners Guide to SEOby Moz
    If you’re new to SEO or maybe just need a refresher, this is the perfect eBook for you. Read this eBook to get started with creating high quality optimized content.
  • How to Create Compelling Content that Ranks Well in Searchby Copyblogger
    Looking for some new tips, insights and tactics into creating content that will stand out above the rest? Check out this eBook for a step-by-step guide to writing compelling content for search.
  • 10 SEO Mistakes to Avoid During your Next Website Redesignby HubSpot
    Redesigning an effective website isn’t always an easy task and takes a lot of thought and consideration. If you’re currently remodeling, check out this eBook to make sure you’re not making this SEO mistakes.
  • Beginner’s AdWords for Dummies: Keyword Research for SEO EBookby WordStream
    Need help determining successful keywords? This eBook offers a bird’s eye view of keyword research, plus many more SEO tips and tricks.
  • The ABC’s of SEOby MarketingProfs
    Most online activity begins with search. You better make sure your content is hitting its SEO marks. Read this eBook if you need to create or update an SEO strategy with new tactics.
  • The Advanced Guide to SEOby Neil Patel and Sujan Patel
    If you’re not a beginner and you’re looking for advanced and extensive SEO detail, this is the perfect eBook for you. Check it out for the most up to date SEO information to employ in your content strategy.

Know of any other eBooks that provide valuable content marketing insights? Let us know in the comments! Click here for the full-size image.

For more ways to bolster your content strategy and benchmark your own content marketing efforts, download Curata’s 2016 Content Marketing Staffing & Tactics StudyeBook.

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